Aquamacs + ESS + remote R session

I have been using Aquamacs as my default editor and the ESS (Emacs Speaks Statistics) as the default environment for all my R projects. Today I came across a nice tip about using Aquamacs and ESS to work on a remote R session. The original post by Matthew Keller can be found from here.

Steps to run Aquamacs and ESS to talk to a remote R session

1. Open a terminal in Aquamacs (M-x shell);

2. In the terminal type: ssh -XC name@server (-XC for data compression and X11 forwarding);

3. Start R in the terminal;

4. M-x ess-remote (let Aquamacs ESS talk to remote R session)

5. options(device=’x11′) (in R command line, but not needed if your server is running Linux).



One thought on “Aquamacs + ESS + remote R session

  1. biobeat Post author

    Another way to enable the ssh compression and x11 forwarding is by putting the following in the ~/.ssh/config file:

    Host *
    Compression yes
    CompressionLevel 9
    KeepAlive yes
    ForwardX11 yes


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